You Don’t Need a Title (or permission)

I have shared these ideas before.  They are worth repeating. You don’t need a title to lead.  Titles don’t earn followers.  You earn followership based on your own ability to contribute value to the process, people and performance. You don’t need permission to influence.  You impact others and initiate change through action. We all have the power to make a difference.  Especially among the people that matter the most to us. We all have the power to create change.  One conversation.  One connection.  One meaningful moment that inspires action. Leadership isn’t about you.  It is about them.  A leader exists to help, guide, develop, teach, counsel, coach, correct and consistently elevate  the potential and performance.  Your success is achieved through others.  Through change.  Through making a difference. Not everyone cares about making a difference. Not everyone is meant to lead. When others entrust you to guide and develop their talent and career path it is an awesome responsibility.   Stepping up to that responsibility is incumbent upon today’s effective leader.  Especially during a time of such extraordinary challenge and change. Effective leaders embrace change.  Challenge the status quo.  Commit.  Cultivate confidence in the future. Connect people to each other and to a common purpose. Effective leaders care.  They go all in to make a difference.  They inspire by living the change they want to see in others. It is a time where true, authentic leadership is required.  What an extraordinary opportunity to have an impact.  To make a difference. This video preview for the new book The Leader Who Has No Title offers a bit of inspiring insight from some of the most influential leaders of our time.  A great message about work.  A great message about responsibility.  A great message about making a difference. A great message about leadership.

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