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Delivering Value & Winning Customers in the New Economy

Customer expectations and behavior are evolving faster than most sales organizations. B2B buyers considering a purchase now spend only 17% of that time actually meeting with potential suppliers, and if comparing multiple suppliers, the amount of time spent with any one sales team shrinks to 5%.

This reality requires a fundamental shift in go-to-market strategy and an evolution in seller skill and competency. Sales teams not only have to earn customer access from a position of expertise but also use a new value-based, deeply customized approach to earn customer partnerships that can sustain growth into the future.

Ryan Estis is a former Fortune 500 CRO and sales transformation expert who teaches sales teams how to leverage this defining moment of transformation and change as a catalyst to create compelling differentiation in the customer decision journey to capture more market share.

Sellers will understand how to earn more customer access, position value over price, elevate customer confidence from a position of expertise, and drive decisions to close.

Inspired by compelling stories and actionable insights, each participant will leave acutely aware of how to humanize the sales process to build high trust/high-value relationships that create partnerships for life.

  1. Adapt to a Complex World: Embrace the fundamental changes required to not only compete but also excel in an increasingly complex business landscape.
  2. Understand Customer Psychology: Gain insights into the evolving psychology of customers and the characteristics of top-performing sales professionals. Understand what it takes to stand out and excel in today's competitive sales environment.
  3. Value-Based Selling: Learn how to shift the focus from price to value. Discover strategies for delivering value throughout the customer's decision-making cycle, elevating their sense of urgency and preventing decisions from defaulting to price alone.
  4. Compelling Presentations: Master the art of creating presentations that resonate with customers, helping them envision a compelling future in partnership with your solution. Learn how to engage customers with persuasive storytelling and proof of concept.
  5. Preparation and Evolution: Develop the skills to conduct a comprehensive "growth audit" of your sales approach. Evolve your "value stack" to meet customers where they are, addressing their unique needs and challenges.
  6. Leverage Technology: Explore how to leverage technology to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and create space for the expertise, customization, and humanization you bring to the sales process.
  7. Effective Time and Territory Management: Commit to action planning for effective time and territory management. Learn how to  optimize your resources to maximize your impact on customer relationships and sales outcomes.

Additional Learning Experiences Available

This keynote presentation can also be delivered as a breakout,
workshop, or extended learning experience.

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