Human-Centered Leadership

Leading High-Performance Teams in a Forever Changed World

We have changed. Work has changed. And employee attitudes and expectations have changed. We are seeing the largest evolution in our relationship to work in the last century.

Knowledge workers now expect their managers to be part of their support system and help them improve their employee experience as well as their life experience. But in a Gartner survey assessing the evolving role of management, only 47% of managers are prepared for this role.

Ryan Estis teaches leaders how to leverage this defining moment of change as a catalyst to improve performance and empower our people by embracing the principles of human-centered leadership.

Blending surprising truths with actionable insights and inspiring stories, Ryan guides leaders through an interactive experience that prepares them to lead agile, collaborative, digitally enabled teams equipped to thrive in this rapidly changing environment while delivering impact for all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and communities).

  1. Embrace Change and Growth: Develop a heightened awareness of the evolving workplace landscape and cultivate a growth mindset to embrace change as an opportunity for personal and organizational growth.
  2. Unleash Human Potential: Learn strategies to elevate performance within your team or organization, enabling individuals to tap into their full potential and drive greater results.
  3. Transition to Human-Centered Leadership: Identify the essential shifts required in your leadership approach to embrace a human-centered style that aligns with the changing expectations of employees and knowledge workers.
  4. Cultivate Organizational Culture: Explore methods for influencing and shaping organizational culture, fostering alignment, and gaining emotional commitment to a compelling vision of the future.
  5. Foster Safety, Trust, and Collaboration: Discover how to elevate safety, trust, and collaboration within your team or organization to ensure readiness and competitiveness in a dynamic environment.
  6. Empower People and Shared Purpose: Understand the significance of empowering individuals in pursuit of a shared purpose. Learn how to galvanize meaning within your team, inspiring commitment to a common mission.
  7. Personal Leadership Vision and Action Plan: Create your own Personal Leadership Vision and Action Plan, equipping you with a clear roadmap for owning the moment and leading with purpose.
  8. Drive Momentum Through Harmony: Aspire to create momentum by harmonizing the needs and expectations of people with organizational goals. Work toward making the world of work a better place for all stakeholders.

This keynote has been approved for strategic, continuing education credit through the Human Resources Certification Institute (604599) and the Society of Human Resources Management (22-Z9JFU). Ryan can further customize the curriculum for a Human Resources-specific audience to focus on elevating the HR value proposition and opportunity for impact.

Additional Learning Experiences Available

This keynote presentation can also be delivered as a breakout,
workshop, or extended learning experience.

The Leadership Competency Model

Discover how human-centered leaders empower high-performing teams, create exceptional client experiences, and win in the market.

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