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Driving Growth & Serving Others Through the Principles of Human-Centered Leadership

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Prepare for Impact unpacks the playbook the Estis brothers used to succeed, first by using 30 simple steps to achieve ambitious sales goals and then by following 9 tactics that helped them show up for their teams, achieve their potential, and find fulfillment at work and in life.

Today, Ryan is a globally recognized sales and leadership expert, founding partner of ImpactEleven, and keynote speaker helping many of the world’s best-known brands deliver growth. Chad leads business operations for the Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable sports franchise on the planet.

Through drive and commitment, Ryan and Chad Estis know how to get results and foster deep connections.

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Prepare for Impact is their 
entertaining, actionable approach
to making your own impact at any point in your career and in turn, helping make the world of work a better place.

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“An entertaining read full of practical sales and leadership insight that can help you win. More importantly, Ryan and Chad offer perspective on what matters most - family, friendship, relationships, and enjoying the journey with people you respect and love.”

Jesse Itzler,
Entrepreneur, Founder, and Author of Living With A Seal

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“In the new era of business, human-centered leadership is the only way to thrive in the face of turbulence and disruption. Prepare for Impact is the perfect book at the perfect time, helping us lead more effectively and with more meaning, driving both sustainable success and lasting impact. Truly a masterpiece of modern leadership, for both business and life.”

Josh Linkner,
New York Times bestselling author, 5x tech entrepreneur, venture capital investor

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“Chad and Ryan Estis offer inspiring and actionable leadership instruction for navigating the era of disruption. In a world where growth and comfort do not coexist, Prepare for Impact provides a playbook for building a high-performance team that delivers results, all while supporting the development, empowerment, and fulfillment of people. A compelling read and proof that you can effectively manage the dynamic tension between growth and humanity!”

Ginni Rometty,
Former Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM, Co-Chair at OneTen, and author of Good Power

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“Ryan and Chad's humility and heart-centered approach to leadership encourages us to reconsider previous sales and leadership paradigms. Prepare for Impact is grounded in actual life lessons and translates as clear, approachable, and easy to understand while still being thought-provoking and honest about the future.”

Julie Faupel,
Founder & CEO, REALM

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“In a country thirsty for Leadership, Prepare for Impact delivers! Chad and Ryan’s insatiable passion for leadership will have you wanting to run out of the tunnel!”

Frank Pacetta,
Author, Don’t Fire Them Fire Them Up

About the Authors

Ryan Estis - Author-min

Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis is a globally recognized sales and leadership expert, keynote speaker, and co-founder of ImpactEleven, a hyper-growth startup community of thought leaders. A former Fortune 500 Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan has spent his career in the trenches, leading high-performance teams and building a client roster of category-leading brands.

Chad Estis - Author-min

Chad Estis

Chad Estis serves as the Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Stadium and as Executive Vice President for Legends, a global premium experiences company that specializes in delivering holistic solutions for sports and entertainment organizations and venues.

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