Change. We’ve entered a unique era of transformation. What got us here, won’t get us there. The pace of innovation, technology transformation, marketplace disruption and evolution are accelerating. And it’s never going back. Change is the new normal. The ability to manage change, navigate it successfully, anticipate what is around the corner and prepare for it effectively are now requisite competencies for any organization to grow and thrive. They are also fast becoming requisite competencies for individual/personal success.

Many organizations desperately need to challenge the status quo and strive to reinvent themselves. And that requires a very specific and elevated focus on the right TALENT….because that is fast becoming the only way to develop an sustain a competitive advantage. The right people will drive the business forward….will deliver on the mission, vision and values and elevate the outcome for the customer.

Change Agents are a different breed. They work on the edge and challenge the status quo. They shift the business forward and guide the strategy and next steps. When supported by open and receptive leadership Change Agents can build momentum that propels the business and puts the throttle down on growth. And while we may not be anticipating a labor shortage anytime soon, Change Agents are still in short supply. And smart organizations will identify and protect their Change Agents and recruit with an eye on competencies like adaptability, creativity, attitude and innovation across all functions/disciplines.

Change Agents have an advantage. Most people prefer to play it safe. Work in the confines of comfort. Minimize risk. Continue the familiar. Playing it safe provides a feeling of security. Unfortunately, in the new economy, it’s dangerously false. And those that are willing to take a calculated risk, open new doors, venture into uncharted territory and move through adversity and setback as the next logical challenge have an increasing opportunity to thrive.

Those skills are necessary. They are deeply coveted by progressive organizations. They are the hallmark of quality sales leadership and marketing strategy. They make business happen.

Change is the new mandate.

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