The First Date

First dates can be tough, especially if you haven’t dated in a while.  The fear of change and rejection are powerful forces capable of keeping people trapped in situations that are less then desirable. When it’s personal the stakes are high.

Take the job interview.  Tough sledding for most people, especially if it’s been a few years.  It’s got first date evaluation, scrutiny, benchmarking and comparison all over it.

And the sales the call.  I believe whoever said not to take sales rejection personally couldn’t have been very good at sales.  Trust me, it’s personal.  In most instances customers buy from YOU…..whatever you sell is typically replicated and available from the competition.   The best sellers are the difference makers.

To get it right requires some thorough preparation.  And preparation also eases the natural anxiety and tension that come with the territory.  It also mandates authenticity…and the best advice I could give to any candidate or closer is be yourself.  Because good interviewing, selling, dating and relationships are all about ‘fit’ and at the onset deserve authentic representation.

I hadn’t interviewed in quite a while (which was a mistake) when I decided to launch my own business….and in those roller coaster first 6 months the familiarity and security of the corporate gig pulled…and put me in a state of being open to taking meetings, interviews and considering my options.  And I can tell you the very best interviews come when you are confident, patient and open around evaluating the intersection of talent and opportunity.  I am not the right man for every Chief Sales Officer job……and there are sales leadership gigs that would put my feet to sleep inside of 90 days.  Fit is the key.

It’s not all that different in Sales.  The very best sellers take fit assessment seriously.  One of the biggest reasons salespeople fail is they spend their time on the wrong things…low margin activity…or spinning their wheels trying to capture business that simply just doesn’t fit for the enterprise.  In my consulting business being selective and segmenting the kind of clients we work with (where we can really add the most value and help improve their business) is absolutely the focus.  We want great fit for us and the client!

Having ‘fit’ perspective makes the first date (whatever it is) more enjoyable.  Everyone can relax, have some fun and participate in some open, meaningful dialogue….wherever it takes you.  And when its good….when the fit seems to align, you’ll know it.….it will move you, shift your perspective and lift your spirit.

The start of something new brings the hope of something great….so relax, be confident, authentic, focus on fit and enjoy the ride!

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