What if HR Ruled the World?

I am excited to get back on the road this week and spend time with my favorite Association (and client): SHRM

I head to Madison, WI on Tuesday to deliver my a keynote on winning with corporate culture, Passion on Purpose at the HR NEXT Conference with GMA SHRM. Madison is a great college town and HR Community clearly focused on the evolving trend line in the practice of people. I’ll be followed Tuesday by a keynote from Andrea Gappmayer, speaking on The Carrot Principle who will deliver what I am sure will be a powerful message on leadership effectiveness and the importance of recognition. At an HR event appropriately titled NEXT we’ll both have the opportunity to talk about the current shift in our workplaces and the steps and strategic considerations that are necessary for HR to build more meaning and engagement into the work experience to accelerate performance.

On Thursday I’ll be at the awesome Samoset Resort providing the morning keynote, Employment Branding 2.0, at the Maine State SHRM Conference as part of an outstanding speaker lineup. We’ll spend a little time on the importance and evolution of communication, collaboration, connections and community in our workplace at the appropriately themed event:  If HR Ruled the World.

What if HR Ruled the World? Well, a lofty objective perhaps…although I have some friends that I am sure would agree that the world would be a better place!  While rule the world may be a stretch, it is absolutely time for HR to rule the workplace. TALENT is emerging as the only long term, sustainable competitive advantage in the new economy. There simply has never been a better time for HR to rise to the occasion and significantly impact the strategic considerations and outcomes of the business. Technology, competition, markets and innovation aren’t the ultimate throttle on business growth and success…….it’s people…..the right people….in the right jobs….aligned and delivering on the mission – vision – values and elevating the customer experience that propel a business forward. HR can deliver the talent strategy and workforce readiness that moves the business. Rule the World? Why not….why not now?!

Put your people first…profits follow!

We’ll talk about it all this week and I look forward to being part of the conversation and making new and meaningful connections at these SOLD OUT SHRM events!

And if your SHRM Chapter is looking for relevant professional development and continuing education ask us about our SHRM Discount. Our keynotes and workshops are HRCI STRATEGIC credit approved!

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