Flip Cam Experience Design & The Testimonial

If at the end of today you provided every customer a Flip-Cam and two minutes to talk about their experience doing business with your organization, what would they say?

If you are in sales what would prospects say about your pitch?  About you?

Internal business partner?  Same question.  Recruiting?  Toss the Flip-Cam over to the candidates…or the Hiring Manager.

The Flip-Cam Test is a powerful assessment for evaluating your Experience Design.

Are you delivering an experience worthy of Client Evangelism?  Are customers passionate enough about their experience to share it with the world?

Every organization needs client testimony.  That proof of concept is a sellers most coveted asset.  That authentic brand evangelism is what creates category separation and drives growth.

Smart sales organizations ask for the testimonial IF (and only if) they deliver an extraordinary experience.  If they are on top of their brand strategy they capture that magic on video.

I ask.  And earning the testimonial matters.  Increasingly, my Experience Design is what separates me from the competition.

Most recently I was fortunate to receive the following testimonial from New Media Services co-founder and Career Summit 2010 organizer Laurie Ruettimann in follow up to the Job Search 2.0 Webinar I delivered.

I asked.  Because it matters.  My brand is no longer what I say it is…what matters so much more is the experience of those I serve.

Who is evangelizing your brand experience?  (Tip:  Take the Flip-Cam Test).

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