Do You Want a New Job?

If you are like many people I know the answer is a yes…or a resounding YES!

The unsettling combination of job satisfaction at 20 year lows and high unemployment means that many people most assuredly feel trapped in their current job.  Or worse, are facing the harsh reality that its difficult to find employment at all.  And while colleges and universities will graduate 2.4 million students in 2010, many of them will be unprepared to compete in a job market with more than 5 people chasing every opportunity.

It’s tough…and it was for that very reason that I signed up to deliver the first Voice of Careers Webinar when asked by New Media Services co-founder Laurie Ruettimann.  In spite of numerous external challenges in today’s marketplace I still believe firmly there is an abundance of opportunity for people to advance their career and find work with meaning.  More challenging today?  Absolutely!  Impossible….not at all.  Particularly if we approach the job search like a Sales & Marketing Strategy.  The advantage will go to those who are more prepared to compete and win their next career.

Job Search 2.0 does require a bit of shift in thinking and approach.  Here are 5 keys to consider:

1.  Be Specific – Know what you want to do.  Know where you want to do it.

2.  Be Ready – Conduct your own skills and competency self assessment.  Are you a good fit?

3. Value Proposition – Prepare your authentic, differentiated and compelling value proposition.

4. Campaign – Have a job search plan.  And a campaign platform.

5. Commitment – Search to close the career you deserve and desire.

I go into more detail on these 5 keys and provide some additional thoughts and recommendations on Job Search with a Sales & Marketing Strategy in the following webinar.  The good news is we are no longer all relegated to the same antiquated process of submitting a template resume and waiting to hear back upon applying for an open opportunity.  I hope the following ideas can contribute to accelerating the outcome.

Getting the Job You Want: Accelerate Your Job Search with Sales and Marketing Strategies from Laurie Ruettimann on Vimeo.

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