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We live in beautiful world.

Often amid the chaos, confusion, noise, disruption and drama we lose site of that.  That is why given the accelerated pace of work and life it is increasingly important to take a moment of pause to reflect, rejoice and rejuvenate.  I got that moment recently over a long weekend at the beach in the company of good friends.

Spending the weekend with two friends who make their living creating art and creating companies sets the table for meaningful and memorable conversations.  My weekend with the Artist & Entrepreneur didn’t disappoint.  As our deep into the night dialogue explored life pursuits and meaning I couldn’t help but recognize the stark similarity between art and work…especially when someone is doing what they love on their own terms.  Those are the rare moments and people whose work is their art.


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Hanging out with Artist Peter Tunney

Seth Godin explored this topic in more detail in his NY Times Bestseller, Linchpin.  Defining an Artist this way:  “An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo.  An artist takes it personally.  He further defines art as “A personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium doesn’t matter.  The intent does.  Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does to change another.”

I am a fan of Seth’s work and enjoyed his perspective on the intersection of work and art.  It resonates.  And was reinforced this past weekend specifically in the show of friend and Artist Peter Tunney.  His life has been a work of art.  And his art and gallery exhibit introduced messages with meaning to reinforce the beauty around and within us.  Beauty that can emerge from all of us when we are making our own art.

His works included Love, Gratitude, Courage, Don’t Panic, The Truth Always Happens and my own personal favorite Believe.

When you are making art you have to believe.  The doubt will inevitably creep in.  The dissenters will be ever present. And the distractions many.  Art requires courage (another Tunney favorite) which is defined as: The quality of mind that enables one to face danger with confidence, resolution and firm control of oneself.

I am lucky to have so many gifted Artists in my life.  My mother is a brilliant Artist.  My girlfriend is a wonderful Artist.  And several of my very best friends are Artists who courageously share their gifts with the world.  I am proud to count myself among them.

Make your art.  Its worth it.

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