Client Evangelism

You need testimonials.  Proof of concept.  Demonstrated ROI.  Commentary on the experience.  Your brand is no longer just what you say it is….it’s what everyone says it is…and if part of your business objective is to grow through new client acquisition then you need to put your Brand Evangelists front and center.

Today’s Sales Leader should be joined at the hip with the CMO taking great care in cultivating a customer evangelism initiative (yes, satisfied and loyal are no longer go0d competitive benchmarks so out with the dated ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’).  If you ask the right way and listen carefully customers will not only tell you what they want now but where they are going to invest next.  And if you are delivering there is no better way to accelerate new client acquisition then capturing and sharing those big wins and special client experiences.  Your best customers want you to succeed and are often happy to share their over the top experience with the rest of the world.

I’ve captured more than a few written testimonials in my day and I am grateful for every one of them.  But they fall short of the impact the video testimonial has.  Whether you are a seller who catches client commentary on Flip Cam or a Marketing leader who produces a Web TV program related to industry trends and the impact your solution delivers with client participation (not a bad idea!) you’ll have higher impact with video.

What is your Client Evangelism initiative?  The answer and subsequent strategy will accelerate your growth.

We packaged up a few testimonials from some of our recent events/engagements.  Its always better when your customers help you tell your story!

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