Which Generation Is the Most Engaged at Work?

Which generation is the most engaged at work?Our conventional wisdom about managing millennials is often proven false when we look at the research. In the video below, Modern Survey’s Don MacPherson and I continue our conversation about employee engagement. We’ve already defined engagement and talked about who owns and affects employee engagement. Now, we’re narrowing our attention to the millennial generation.

While Millennials get a reputation in the media for being lazy or noncommittal, Modern Survey’s data shows that they’re the most engaged generation. 18% of Millennials are fully engaged at work (compared to just 12 or 13% of Gen Y and Baby Boomers).

Millennials do want slightly different things out of work, but the differences in generation are slight and nuanced. Watch the video to learn more.

Gen Y: The Most Engaged Generation at Work – YouTube

Understanding different generations at work is one of the most pressing diversity issues we face. Great leaders have an opportunity to rise above the stereotypes and facilitate meaningful conversations about what all employees expect from work — which leads to improved understanding, collaboration and results.

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Learn more about the role leaders play in employee engagement. Download my white paper, Winning with Culture: How Leadership Drives Engagement and Performance, to read more research from Modern Survey and learn from leaders at best-in-class companies.

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