The WOW Factor

If you invest enough time cultivating real relationships with clients they will often tell you what they want.  They will tell you how to earn their business.  They will tell you how to keep their business.  They will tell you the difference makers that determine satisfaction or elevate them to loyalty.  If you ask the right questions, the right way and really listen you’ll learn the secrets to accelerating growth.

I have a client who defines success in our partnership with what she describes as the WOW metric.  What does she want?

She wants to be blown away.  She wants to be fall on the floor excited.  She wants to feel an overwhelming sense of pride.  She wants to feel inspired.   She wants the experience of working together to make a huge impact (which is defined by yet another set of metrics).

But make no mistake, she is clear in her conviction that the work needs to make everyone around her say, WOW!

We talk about what it takes to get to WOW.  Investment.  Resources.  Collaboration.  Risk.  Trust.  Teamwork.  Time.  We define the road map to WOW success in our project planning.  We build in contingencies.  We benchmark along the way.  All so we can have a direct hit on WOW when we cross the finish line, together.

Too subjective?  Impossible?  Unfair?  I suppose some vendors would think so.  I don’t.  Although most customers might not articulate it this way, I don’t think what they want is all that different.  Building in more WOW Factor is good for business.

What does success look like for you today?  When 5 pm arrives will your clients, colleagues and co-worker say WOW!

Part of the WOW experience isn’t just WHAT you deliver but HOW you do it.  You can put more WOW around the HOW right now.

WOW wins business.  WOW keeps business.  WOW builds evangelism.  WOW is tough to beat. WOW is work worth doing.

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