What vs How

It’s quite likely what you do isn’t all that different or special.  There are others that probably do what you do.  Who charge about what you charge.  Who deliver what you deliver. What you do is increasingly a commodity.

How you do it.  That can be yours and yours alone. Decision around how.  Differentiate around how.  Deliver consistently around how.  Make how special.

How you do it is all about the experience.

If you are obsessed with how you do things and who you do them with it is quite likely you’ll be doing a lot more of whatever it is you do.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to keynote a National Sales Conference for a wonderful organization that sells chicken.  Lots of chicken.  They have lots of competition that sells lots of chicken.  Make no mistake, they are very, very good at what they do and so is their competition.  They can continue to accelerate past the competition and capture more share by differentiating the customer experience to deliver more value.  How they do it is going to help them win.

We had a great day (and are still stranded in Madison, WI under 20″ of snow) and captured one of our more interesting testimonials on flip.

Describing what you do is important.  Deciding how you are going to do it and who you want to do it with make the difference.  Specifically defining and delivering around those decisions is important work.

We do that like this:

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