The Social Shift

I am not a social media expert.

I talk about it.  The Social Shift.  The impact and opportunity.  I can site examples.  I live it everyday through blogging, sharing, posting, connecting, checking in and occasionally checking out.  I know it has been a catalyst for growth in my business. I know it has also been a catalyst for growth in my life.

In truth Social Media has been one interesting experiment.  I had no idea what was going to happen the first time I Linked In.  I was doubtful anyone besides my mom would subscribe to this blog.  I could still care less about what anyone I know had for #lunch in 140 characters.  But I have experienced the transformation.  I love the Social Shift. Perhaps because I am Social.  Definitely because business works better when it’s more Social.  I also know this is just the beginning.  We are just getting started.  There is plenty of opportunity to join in the fun and plenty of fun to be had in taking advantage of the opportunity.

This month I’ll be attending one of my favorite events of the year, SHRM 2012.  I’ll have the opportunity to share my thoughts related to The Social Shift on Monday afternoon.  This event and association has been a catalyst for my own social evolution.  I attended my first breakout session on blogging in 2009 (or was it 2008?).  My first Tweet Up soon followed.  I didn’t blog then.  I do now.  Without this blog my business doesn’t grow.  That is a GameChanger.  That simple.

I owe a lot to the people I’ve met (and followed) that have inspired me to think differently about the future of work.  No doubt, the world of work is very different place now that we are all connected and I hope I can contribute a few ideas to this important conversation in a relevant way later this month.  As an aside, I hear the Social calendar also happens to be pretty good (and there is Senifeld!).

You can’t automate relationships. But I am excited to renew some meaningful connections and make a few more in Atlanta. I hope to see you at The Big Show. I hope we get connected. #SHRM12.

In the meantime, here is a brief video with a few ideas on making your business more social.

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