Are You Ready?

The question was posed to me in an email last night around 10 pm.  A meeting planner producing a big event in Minneapolis today had a keynote speaker that was MIA.  He was stranded in Dallas with an airline that wasn’t getting him to Minneapolis.  Not for an 8 am entrance onto the main stage this morning.

It is my job to be ready.

In fact, ready is the perpetual state we all want to stay in.  You have to be prepared when opportunity arrives.  Big moments aren’t promised often.  The key is to be ready.

How can you stay ready for that next _____________(enter your BIG thing: interview, job, promotion, invitation, relationship, speaking engagement etc.).

Put in the work.  Practice.  Learn.  Grow.  Improve.  When you are in a perpetual state of evolution and continually getting better you are ready.  Funny how when you are ready opportunities seem to present themselves.  The universe has a way of paying back hard effort with opportunity.

I read somewhere that luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.  Seems about right.

Better not to count on luck.  Much better to simply be ready.  So often success comes down to preparation.

The event today?  As of 7:30 am this morning I still don’t know if I am going on.  They adjusted the schedule and are trying get the speaker here in time for an 11 am keynote this morning.  They asked me to stay ready.

What happens today really doesn’t matter.

What matters is the answer to that question.

Are you ready?

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