The How Advantage

How AdvantageHere’s something you already know: Your customers are different than they were five years ago.

Forrester calls the period we’re living in the Age of the Customer. Their research into customer behavior tells us that customers are busier and more distracted than ever. Attention spans are shorter. The average office worker checks email 30 times an hour. Customers expect speed and efficiency. If you can’t deliver your message quickly, your customer is already on to the next thing.

And, customers also have access to more information than ever. By the time a customer walks into a retail store or comes into contact with a sales organization, they’ve done their research — and they’re already 60 percent of the way into their buying decision. Customers have plenty of choices. If you don’t impress them, your competition is just a click away.

For salespeople and marketers, there’s only way to respond to this major customer shift: Change the way you do business. To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you have to be remarkable. You have the opportunity to create what I call a How Advantage. How do you do business? Do you consistently provide a remarkable experience that inspires and engages prospects and customers? Are you evolving to meet your customers’ needs and expectations?

In the video below, I share more about the Age of the Customer and how organizations can respond by being remarkable.

Video: The How Advantage – YouTube

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