Why the Best Sales Organizations Are Evolving

Why the Best Sales Organizations Are Evolving by Ryan EstisBuyers look at sales organizations differently than they ever have before.

Customers aren’t coming to sales looking for basic problem identification and solution pitches anymore. When the average customer meets a sales rep for the first time, she’s already made 60% of the buying decision on her own. Buyers expect more from sales, because they’re coming to the table backed by their own research and knowledge.

So…that 50-slide deck all about YOU? Your customers aren’t impressed.

The best sales organizations are evolving to to help their customers think differently. This requires a fundamental shift in your approach to sales engagements.

In the enclosed video, I think through how sales organizations should view buyers’ changing habits through the lens of opportunity.

Customer Transformation & Sales Opportunity from Ryan Estis on Vimeo.


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