The Eggshell Relationship: What Should I do?

I’ve commented on the kind of leadership and relationships that when sustained with consistency cultivate a  passion culture.  I’ve also cautioned against the fragile nature of the ‘eggshell relationship’.  Where uncertain, inconsistent or absent leadership coupled with a sea of change in our environment trend the team toward a perpetual state of anxiety.  I can assure you that isn’t a place where people flourish and performance elevates.  A  mandate for today’s leader is to provide clarity and confidence about the future.  Communication is essential. Who are we?  Why are we here?  Where are we going?  If you have employees that can’t answer those fundamental questions there is a leadership gap in the the business.

I recently received a direct message inquiry on Twitter with the following question:  “What should I do as an employee if I am passionate about my work but in a very difficult eggshell relationship with my leader and the environment of the organization?”

There are a myriad of assumptions that could be drawn…but with no additional information my counsel is pretty straightforward.  Prepare to change.

It is enviable to serve as a Change Agent in the organization.  Every business needs them.  They disrupt the status and build momentum toward a better future.  This work effort is hard and requires the right support.  But change does happen and you don’t necessarily need a title to have influence and impact.  You do need a plan and evidence of progress.  When you love the work but detest who you are doing it for and/or where you are doing it something has gotta give. Or you’ve gotta go and explore the opportunity of doing that work in an environment that values you and your contribution.

So often, people leave people…not necessarily the organization.

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