43 Reasons to Buy What You’re Selling

I’ve talked about the sales and marketing of professional sports on this blog before. It’s a very competitive environment, where people have to blend sharp sales skills and lots of hustle to win. During a training session with the Timberwolves sales team, one of the top producers in the room volunteered that she had identified “43 reasons why someone might buy what we are selling.” For each of the 43 buying triggers, she had developed a supporting statement of value.

Think she is going to make her number? I do.

Any sales professional who wants to crush their performance plan should take a page from her playbook. She understands why her customers buy (hint: it often isn’t about basketball, wins and losses etc.), and she’s prepared to customize and support every customer with an authentic, differentiated and compelling value proposition that is customized to their unique needs and situation.

She is prepared to help customers have the right Timberwolves experience.

Two questions worth considering:

  • Why does someone buy what you are selling? (You might not have 43 reasons, but I bet you can come up with at least five.)
  • Why would they benefit by buying it from you? (Assuming other people are selling what you are selling)

Answering those questions will help you get prepared to help customers — and close more sales.

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