Top Producers

Image of sunrise

I have a pretty good view from the office this morning in St. Thomas.  Even better, I’ve been fortunate to spend a few days around Top Producers.

These people are the very best in their business.  They don’t make excuses and don’t miss their number.  They consistently deliver the revenue that drives business growth and from their perspective, missing this Top Producer incentive trip simply isn’t an option.

They also recognize the business landscape is changing.  What has been good enough to get to St. Thomas might not be good enough to stay.  You might think a group of people this successful would be resistant to new ideas and outside perspective on how to evolve and grow their business.  You’d be wrong.  One common characteristic of Top Producers is they want to keep learning, adapting, growing and getting better. Self improvement seems hard wired into the DNA of people this successful. They don’t rest on past performance and recognize that when the world changes they need to change with it.

So the next few days are designed to help these Top Producers take great business results to the next level of breakthrough performance.  On Sunday morning they started breaking down their business form every angle, sharing best practices and putting in the work it takes to win in the new economy.  The beach can wait. This is simply their time to work on their business vs in their business.

Top Producers hustle. Fun to watch.

On Tuesday morning I will deliver a keynote address about Brand Experience and selling value in the new economy.

They know that sales and customer experience are the key drivers of business growth.  They also know that buying behavior and customer expectations are evolving.  When buying behavior changes, selling behavior has to adapt. Top Producers make the shift or they jeopardize missing plan.  Did I mention, that mediocre performance simply is not an option?

If Top Producer sales results are top of mind the enclosed video offers 4 tips for Selling Value in the New Economy.


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