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Legacy, Love & Life Lessons


It’s a powerful word we often don’t consider in the living that consumes us. The deadlines, meetings, commitments, responsibilities, decisions and pressure can mask the greater meaning of it all.

Until a life changing moment makes us stop and consider so much more.

The last couple weeks have included some of those moments in my life and they have also been filled with unconditional and compassionate love. And that may be the most important life lesson of them all. In the end, all we really need is love.

I posted here previously about my dad & his fight. It’s a hard fight too many families have to endure. And we simply have to find a way to do better.

Cancer can rob a man of many things. Including life. But it cannot erase the way one lived. That is the legacy of a man. And it will never break the spirit of those who share both the privilege and responsibility to carry the legacy forward in life.

That is both my passion and purpose.

My family and father are surrounded by love. We are grateful for that and continue to livestrong.

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