Work is an Emotional Experience

Today’s work experience is fueled with emotion. The means in which you provide for your family, the community you live in, the evolution of your skills/competency and how you spend such a large percentage of your time are life essential considerations.

I believe there is an increasing desire for more meaning in the experience. If the organization can connect with candidates and employees on an emotional level, elevate the vision of the experience in both the hearts and minds of right-fit talent and deliver against those expectations consistently…you’ll have accomplished something powerful. They are the genesis for cultivating pride and commitment toward a shared purpose. Far too often that vision and values set is missing from the job description and performance review. They shouldn’t be.

Passion at work doesn’t manifest itself on auto pilot. And people aren’t ‘potentialized’ without real strategic effort and investment from both the organization and its leadership. Performance starts with people strategy.

Decisions around work style design and experience are increasingly important. So is delivery. How we connect our people to those decisions and communicate them both inside and outside the organization guide, shape, influence and develop culture.  Culture can absolutely be a competitive advantage or the one big thing that inhibits performance.

The premise behind my own organizational guiding principles is simple:

Put people first…profits follow.

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