In Loving Memory: Hal Estis, 1932-2011

My father passed away this weekend after a hard-fought battle with cancer.  Our family was inspired by his strength and is grateful for the continued generosity of so many who have reached out to provide support.  We take solace and comfort knowing he is in a better place.

My father was a strong and confident man.  A storyteller at heart, he embraced living and provided those he touched with energy, enthusiasm and entertainment that is truly unforgettable.

My father was simply one of a kind.

In living he served others as a teacher, coach, father, husband and friend.  In leaving he provided those he loved with a shining example of courage and comfort in knowing that he lived a complete and fulfilling life.  Those are special gifts.

We will honor his life and legacy this week.

Tabone Komoroski Funeral Home
33650 Solon Rd. Solon, Ohio
Calling hours: Wednesday 4-7pm
Memorial service: Thursday 11am

We love you dad.

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