Coronado Island Reflections

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The weather is San Diego perfect this morning.   I have spent the last couple days on Coronado Island designing a new course we’ll be offering in our 2013 training curriculum.  I’ve also taken a little time to rest, reflect and ready myself for the October schedule.

I’ve shared here previously that “somewhere on your journey don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view.”

This has become one of my favorite spots for those important moments of pause. I believe they are so important I schedule them.

We all need to be alone with our thoughts.  Spending time thinking through our ideas, dreams and plans is simply time well spent.

If the weekend retreat is unrealistic try a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood.  Sometimes we  just need a reminder to do it.

In return you might find a moment of clarity or insight that previously wasn’t accessible. That is how it works for me.

I was telling a friend about my weekend agenda and he commented he thought it was “weird that I would travel for a weekend retreat all alone.”

I laughed and told him that not only was I going, but I would probably even write about it.

New places and people wake us up.  Provide a sense of adventure and renewed spirit.  A new set of experiences.

Inspired experiences can translate into inspired thinking and action.

If that is my kind of weird I’ll take it.  It works for me.  Trust me, we’re all weird.

Have a great Sunday!

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