Don’t Forget To Turn Around And Enjoy The View

I checked into the Hotel Del Coronado last night.  Exhausted from a wonderful 48 whirlwind that included keynotes for CUPA and SHRM and so many new, meaningful connections.  On my pillow was a placard with the hotel’s daily affirmation (nice touch) that read:  “Somewhere on your journey don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view.”  How fitting.

Ten years ago (or perhaps a little longer) I made my first trip to San Diego. I was a Sales Manger who just got the big promotion to Vice President attending my first SHRM National event as a vendor/exhibitor (part of my new role and responsibility).

I was awestruck by the SHRM experience. The size and scale. The programming, people and parties.  The speakers.  The keynote speakers.

During the evening we made our way over to Coronado Island for a reception at the very same Hotel Del. Gathering around, watching the sunset, casually initiating new relationships with potential customers over cocktails.  I am not sure if I was inspired by the sunset or the cerveza but among our small group I casually blurted out, “someday I am going to keynote this conference.”  A moment of uncomfortable silence was followed by laughter and another round.  A brazen comment made by a kid buzzing from his new promotion.  Speak?  “Stick to the sales” was the prevailing thought.

Not in my mind.

This week I followed Dan Pink (someone whom I have admired for years) as the Day 2 Keynote Speaker at the SHRM National Talent & Staffing Conference.  After nearly 10 years of National breakout/mega sessions it was nice to step up.  I hope my message resonated.   I hope to check another box on the list very soon.

I suppose I checked in to the Hotel Del to look back and remember that night here 10 years ago.  To reflect.  To write.  To enjoy the view.  The many ups and downs.  Highs and lows.  Wins and losses.  Big dreams.  What I see most prominently are the people.  The people I love.  The people I miss. The people I met this week.  The people that matter.   The good news is there is always room for more of those people.

I have come to realize that how you do something and who you are doing it with are just as important what you are doing.

Looking back to enjoy the view is such sage advice.  It helps you see forward more clearly.  More passionately.  More purposefully.  This time around I am 100% certain it isn’t the cerveza.

Take a moment.  Look back and enjoy the view. Embrace the present.  Think forward.

What a journey!

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