As we close out Q2, it is a good time to take inventory of the scoreboard on your way into the locker room. How are you doing?

I always loved the locker room. The game plan. The pre-game speech. The halftime rally cry. In business you could translate that to the off site. The huddle up. The strategy session. The boot camp. Sales summit.

You get the idea. It’s where you go to prepare to win (you are preparing to win, right?). There is something special about the locker room. The preparation. The camraderie. The trust. The emotional commitment. The confidence. Gearing up. Getting reading to launch into the arena of competition together.

Halftime is important. Those few moments you have to come together. Adjust. Adapt. Innovate. Focus. Rest and ready yourself for Round 2. If you are in the game and the plan is tight, it usually comes down to the little things. Hustle. Effort. Attention to detail and execution. Simply wanting it a little more. However, it is another matter entirely when you are getting pummeled. I have been there. It hurts. When you are playing from behind, you need to fine tune the strategy. Sometimes you simply need to play harder. Perform better. Sometimes you need to shift the game plane entirely. Improve the focus. Either way, everyone in that locker room should take the field entirely clear on their role and on the expectations around their individual contribution that will impact the whole. That is good coaching. Leadership. Everyone in that locker room needs to emerge with total confidence in leadership, the plan and each other. IN or OUT is a question that gets decided in every lock room — and if you want to belong. you have to believe. When you have talent, confidence, leadership and the right game plan, you can start to create momentum. When the momentum shows up it is time to attack…to press…to push. There is your opportunity.

For most of us, our 2012 performance is decided in the next 90 days. Get too far behind and you won’t have enough time to catch up (salespeople know this formula quite well — unfortunately, too many through in the towel too early and don’t fight for the big comeback to the finish line). The clock matters more now. The good news is that for most of us the things we need to succeed are well within our grasp, we just have to compete…for every inch. I’ll be in Las Vegas next week for The Big Show. Join us for a little Passion on Purpose on Tuesday morning. I hope to share a little halftime strategy to help you emerge from the locker room ready for a great second half. I also know that I will walk away inspired considering this incredible keynote lineup!

For those unable to join us, here is a little halftime inspiration, courtesy of one of the all-time greats, Al Pacino. So often, it really is just a game of inches…

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