Employee Engagement & Failure to Communicate

What we have here is a failure to communicate…

A classic line from a great movie and the unfortunate reality that exists in far too many organizations today.  While employee’s covet more feedback, meaning and transparency in their work experience, so often leadership misses the opportunity to drive more connection into the work culture by failing to effectively communicate.

Amid times of challenge and change leadership should be driving more clarity and confidence into the organization.  It is incumbent upon today’s leader to give employees a vision for the future supported by confident action.  That drives alignment around a shared purpose and helps people see more meaning in their role and connect to the overall mission of the enterprise.  Meaning to mission matters and ultimately helps the effective leader tap into the human potential that unfortunately lies dormant in so many organizations today.

This week the good folks at Modern Survey released their latest research update regarding  national employee engagement trends. And while the index provided for modest engagement gains, productivity is dropping and its becoming increasingly clear that “employees may simply not have more to give.” Or perhaps, just simply aren’t inclined, engaged, determined and driven to do so.

As part of my recent sit down with Modern Survey President, Don MacPherson we discussed the role communication plays in elevating engagement and alignment through the organization.  I thought Don’s comments were on point and the leadership mandate is clear.  Communicate more frequently, more effectively, more transparently, more authentically, more generously, more consistently….more.  In other words, lead.

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