Advance Confidently in 2014

Xmas_2014I’ve been relaxing, reflecting and doing a bit of celebrating.  I hope you have also.  Tis the season! This is the week where that often gives way to making a few commitments for 2014.

I have been writing about resolutions for a few years:
Resolve 2010
Accelerate 2011
Breakthrough 2012
Impact 2013

I’ve covered the familiar territory about setting resolutions and making them stick and was planning to take a pass on the topic this year.  I scheduled a 4 post series on career transformation between Christmas and New Year’s to close the year.  I did still intend on making resolutions, I just wasn’t organizing them around any sort of theme.

On Christmas Eve my girlfriend and I checked in at the Walden Inn.  Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s credo for happiness in daily living, “simplify, simplify,” Walden is composed of an incredible inn, spa, residential community and golf club.  It is the perfect place for a little end of year rejuvenation and conveniently happens to be located about one mile from Mom’s house in Aurora, Ohio.  We planned to spend a few days at Walden while celebrating the holiday with my family.  While getting settled in I opened a welcome note from Walden management.  The note closed with following Thoreau quote:

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will be met with success unexpected in common hours.”

It’s one of my favorite quotes and it prompted some thinking around how I can continue advancing confidently toward the life I imagine.  It also prompted a lot more imagining over the course of the last week.  I like to dream big.

My resolution theme this year is Advance 2014.

Advancing toward my dreams is going to require a few adjustments.  2013 has me trending in the right direction but there is important work to be done.  The good news is I have clarity around exactly what is required.  Deciding what you want is always the important first step in advancing confidently.  It’s ok if what you want changes.  It certainly has for me.

There is fulfillment that comes from advancing confidently.  Making meaningful, measurable progress toward any dream is rewarding.  Incredible joy and happiness can be found in the journey and the people we are fortunate to share it with.  I look forward to celebrating with some of those people in my life tonight.

I was also reminded that whatever comes my way in 2014 happiness is something I can choose.  Our return flight home after Christmas landed in MSP Terminal C and I decided to stop for Starbucks on the way to baggage claim.  There I was unexpectedly reunited with Lily Olson (previously Pouring Happiness in Terminal D).   It was three years ago that Lily gave me the generous gift of happiness during a difficult time on Christmas Eve (I share the story in the enclosed video).

Lily reminded me again to smile, have fun, help people and just be happy.   I can’t think of a better resolution.

“Simplify. Simplify.” Happy New Year!

VIDEO: Pouring Happiness  on YouTube.

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