5 Ways to Build a Winning Sales Culture

How do the best sales leaders create a culture that enables top producers to thrive? In the enclosed video, I map out five leadership keys to creating a winning sales culture. Be a culture champion. Culture is a reflection of how we lead, and it starts with you. What’s your vision for success? How are [Read More]

Why the Best Sales Organizations Are Evolving

Buyers look at sales organizations differently than they ever have before. Customers aren’t coming to sales looking for basic problem identification and solution pitches anymore. When the average customer meets a sales rep for the first time, she’s already made 60% of the buying decision on her own. Buyers expect more from sales, because they’re [Read More]

How to Shorten the Sales Cycle

The sales cycle is getting longer. B2B buyers spend more time researching purchases, and they’re walking most of their decision journey alone, without the direct input of sellers. So, what can sales organizations do to compress the sales cycle? How can sellers add value when buyers are more informed than ever? The answer: Sellers are [Read More]

Selling to the C-Suite

I recently delivered a keynote for the Xchange Solution Provider Conference on Leading Breakthrough Sales Performance. To prepare, my team conducted focus group interviews with a group of chief information officers. The interviews provided a very consistent perspective on selling into the C-suite and, more specifically, to CIOs. Here’s what we found. The average CIO [Read More]

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Coaching and Courageous Conversations

This post originally appeared on SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership. Check out all of the posts in their series on communication. One of the fundamental challenges that sales leaders face today is managing performance and creating consistent accountability around performance targets. Addressing and coaching people through underperformance requires the willingness to have courageous conversations. Having conversations [Read More]

Stop Whining and Hustle

Last week I was complaining to Lynn about booking three events on consecutive days that will require me to travel to Florida, Las Vegas and then back to Florida. March Madness has me a little travel weary and I shot her a quick note: “Lynn, hit the pause button. We need to discuss Florida to [Read More]

Five Years Later

I’m in the middle of my own version of March Madness: 9 events in 8 cities over the first three weeks of this month. The last week I’ll be recovering on what I anticipate will be a very relaxing vacation. March is a special month for me. I celebrate my birthday. I always hope to [Read More]

When Saying “No” to a Customer Makes Sense

Customers — even your very best customers — aren’t always right. That old adage can quickly take a company in the absolute wrong direction. Saying “no” to customers, when it makes sense, can keep your business tracking in the right direction. Every organization wants to delight customers, deliver on promises, and add value at every [Read More]

How to Meet People Where They Are

Today’s business landscape can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of new technology to keep up with, and that technology is keeping us connected around the clock. When people ask us how we’re doing, our default answer is “busy.” In the enclosed video, keynote speaker Seth Mattison and I continue our conversation about changing technology and [Read More]

Illustrating Insights: GXS Sales Kickoff

Last week, I keynoted the GXS 2014 Sales Kickoff supporting the company’s global sales organization. The theme of the event: Get Superpowered. The GXS sales team has momentum and is primed for a very BIG 2014. I was excited to help kick off their annual meeting and share a few insights for embracing change and [Read More]

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