You Are Here: The Art of Presence

Be present.

A worthwhile consideration that often proves challenging amid a steady stream of distraction temptation.  The ping of the in box or vibrate on the smart phone move us to a constant state of attention deficit and disruption. I suffered from MADD (Manager Attention Deficit Disorder) for years.  An employee walking into my office may have been able to hold my attention for a couple minutes max before my focus moved to what I was preparing to say; the ping of my e-mail in box; or actually checking my phone for text messages.  I was addicted to distraction and my ability to hold concentration in the moment waned.  Naturally, my ability to make more meaningful connections suffered.

Having ‘Presence Awareness’ has helped me improve.  So has practicing Yoga.  A beginner for certain, I started taking Yoga classes to relive back pain.  Now pain free and more present I continue to benefit from the exercise of being still in the mind.  Quieting the pace of thought.  Eliminating distraction.  Our instructor uses 3 simple words to help all of us master the art of presence:  You Are Here.

The mantra is a mild reminder to let go of what is behind us and eliminate the distractions that abound so we can get the most out of the moment.  Focus.  Be present.

Being present is a sign of respect and validation.  It’s critical to relationship development.  It’s a mandate for business and personal success.  The holidays are a perfect time to perfect the art of embracing the present.  There are precious gifts in the moments and memories they create if we are available to receive them.

It’s natural when arriving at an inflection point (like the end of the year) to obsess over the past or worry about the future. But it’s better to be present.

Learn from the past.  Plan for the future. Live in the richness of each moment. You are here.

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