Sharing Is Caring

Big news out of Facebook this week with the introduction of Graph Search, a new search tool for finding people, photos, places and interests in a way that is very different from web search.  The social experience keeps shifting and becoming a whole lot more customized and personal.

Does it matter to you?  It should.  This is where attention is moving (social networking eats up 3+ hours a day for the average user) and that matters if you are in the business of client acquisition, engagement and experience. (Who isn’t?)

We’re social creatures, and we’re inclined to share.  Brand experience and business decisions are increasingly being shaped by the social graph. In the video below, I talk about how my own decision making is most heavily influenced by the people I trust.  Your customers aren’t any different.  Business works better when it’s more social.

Sharing is Caring from Ryan Estis on Vimeo.

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