What Gifts Are You Giving?

Be a Leadership Superhero

We don’t succeed alone. Odds are, someone reached out and contributed in a significant way to help you become the leader, person and professional that you are today.

There was a superhero for you somewhere along your journey. 

I have been fortunate to have many people in my life who have shared extraordinary gifts with me both personally and professionally. I’ve shared previously the gifts I’ve received from my best boss and my favorite teacher. This past weekend, I was reminded again of the impact that the people you surround yourself with have on how you think, act and experience life.

I spent the weekend with my best friend from college and my brother. These guys have been with me every step of the way. The day I decided I was going to quit my corporate job and strike out on my own, they were the first two phone calls I made. Their belief in me lifted me up and pushed me forward through all of the initial hardships and adversity. Their counsel has shaped my choices. The examples they set through lives well-lived have influenced and inspired my own commitment and perspective. I am grateful.

I also know that I am most deserving of those gifts when I am willing to work, sacrifice, and make my own contributions. I want to be a worthy recipient – and I want to reciprocate.

In the enclosed Superhero Ethos video, I ask the audience to reflect for a moment on the contribution of a personal superhero. It is a moment of gratitude. I also issue a very specific leadership challenge in the form of two questions: What gifts am I giving away every day? Who would put me on their superhero list?

Our legacy as leaders is largely shaped by the quality of our relationships with the people we care about. Making a difference for those people is the work that matters.

The Superhero Ethos from Ryan Estis on Vimeo

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