Video: Navigating the New World of Leadership

Navigating the New World of LeadershipIt’s no secret that the experience economy is disrupting the status quo. When the market moves, leaders are faced with the difficult task of staying ahead of the curve.

I recently spoke with Sheldon Senek at Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau about how leaders can navigate this changing landscape and leverage it as an opportunity.

One of the trends that we discussed is the shift from traditional to collaborative leadership. Employees have higher expectations than ever, and there’s a major gap between what they expect from leadership and what they’re getting. Here are a few eye-opening numbers about leadership and performance.

  • Only 39% of employees report having trust in senior leadership. (Source: Watson Wyatt)
  • 65% of the US workforce is classified as under-engaged. (Source: Modern Survey)

So, what can leaders do to narrow the gap between employee expectations and workplace reality? An important element of successful leadership is putting people in a position to be successful. Great leaders know that leadership isn’t about them — it’s about team success. One of the best leadership lessons I’ve learned is: If it involves people, involve them. Give people a voice and empower them to make choices that impact the business.  People work harder to drive results when they have a stake in the outcome.

Watch the full video interview below for insights on the the changing business landscape.

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