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Every audience can count on a powerful experience that blends storytelling from Ryan's experience as a Fortune 500 chief strategy officer with current research and a robust portfolio of client case studies. Ryan is committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to impact today’s progressive leadership conference, corporate event or sales meeting.

As seen on Goalcast

Many of us have fond feelings for the barista at our favorite coffee shop, but how many of us can say that their barista set off a seismic change in their life?

That’s the story Ryan Estis shared about Lily Olsen, a barista working out of a Starbucks in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Watch the viral video that has been viewed over 75 million times and learn how Lily is creating memories and making meaningful connections by pouring happiness into people’s lives.

The Ryan Estis Experience

Ryan has been described as “a man on fire,” “emotionally engaging with relevant, actionable ideas,” and “the best motivational speaker seen or heard.”

Here are a few reasons why Ryan has become a favorite among meeting and event planners and a trusted partner for speaker bureaus and corporate executives:

  1. Our team is available 24/7 to answer questions, facilitate planning, support logistics and work in collaboration to ensure a total home run at your event.
  2. Ryan shows up prepared. Our approach to discovery and research ensures Ryan is locked in on your unique needs, challenges and opportunities.
  3. Ryan delivers a customized keynote experience. Our research and creative teams support Ryan in creating a customized, interactive, multi-media live event experience.
  4. Ryan is a powerful storyteller. He understands that participants need to be emotionally engaged and inspired to commit to meaningful change and take immediate action.
  5. Ryan is a student with a deep commitment to his own personal and professional growth. He walks the talk and invests heavily into our own research and curriculum design to ensure our content is both relevant and actionable.
  6. Ryan brings the energy! He loves the work and it shows every time he steps onto the stage. He is the son of two school teachers and believes his true purpose is to honor their legacy and share his message with the world.
  7. Our mantra is Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle. Ryan is personable, approachable and connects quickly with the audience. Our approach is that a presentation is an “act of service”. It’s not about us. It’s about you.
  8. Our approach to continuing education will ensure the message resonates long after the meeting ends. Our aftercare program starts the minute Ryan steps off the stage as we provide resources and supporting content you can leverage to continue the learning over the next 12 months.
  9. The relationship with Ryan never really ends. In fact the keynote is just the beginning. He blogs weekly, continually creates new video content and is active on social so every audience can stay connected.
  10. The keynote is actionable. Every presentation Ryan delivers is grounded in “actionable insights” that the audience can use immediately. Our belief is simple: The most important minute of a meeting is the first minute back to business after the meeting ends. Ryan helps participants decide, commit and prepare to take action now!

The most dynamic, energetic and relevant sales keynote we’ve ever had.

Sell Your Way Forward

Driving Sales Growth in the New Economy

Learning Objectives

  • Pivot back to a performance mindset
  • Cultivate emotional resilience amid uncertainty
  • Stay in the “learning lane” to achieve breakthroughs
  • Win with an emphasis on “total client experience”
  • Solidify your value proposition and engagement to meet customers where they are
  • Pre-call plan and conduct your own “growth audit”
  • A game plan for capturing opportunity and accelerating growth right now

Lead Your Way Forward

Resilient Leadership for the New Economy

Learning Objectives

  • Downturn psychology and the window of opportunity
  • The character traits of a “Futuremaker” & making the future happen
  • Coaching mindset and emotional resilience amid uncertainty
  • Drivers of engagement and emotional commitment
  • Keys to effective leadership communication during a crisis
  • True North leadership questions that create impact

Passion on Purpose

Turning Corporate Culture Into a Competitive Advantage

Learning Objectives

  • Embrace change in the new economy.
  • Learn from global workforce trends and forecasting from our research portfolio.
  • Build high-trust, high-value relationships.
  • Connect employees to a shared vision and set of values.
  • Effectively use emerging technology to improve communication, culture and work life.

The Brand Experience

Accelerating Business Growth Through Remarkable Experiences

Learning Objectives

  • Learn global workforce trends from our research portfolio.
  • Understand how to capture your unique How Advantage.
  • Explore what it means to be a chief experience officer.
  • Examine the importance of brand evangelism.
  • Understand the impact of social connections and technology on the brand experience.

Adapt & Thrive

Preparing To Win In A 2025 World

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the “Futuremaker” mindset required to embrace and lead change.
  • Discover four actionable insights from our research for progressive small business owners.
  • Develop understanding on the evolution and opportunity associated with elevated customer expectations.
  • Hear case studies on how progressive small businesses are proving disruptive and preparing to win in a 2025 world.
  • Walk way with an action plan to address the most critical next steps in your business performance and growth.

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Keys to Achieving Breakthrough Performance

Learning Opportunities

  • Learn how to leverage change as a catalyst for growth and success.
  • Discover transformation techniques designed to unleash peak performance and become your very best.
  • Find out the keys to building high-trust, high-value relationships.
  • Explore the superhero ethos: “Be humble. Stay hungry. Always hustle.”
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