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Sales Leadership Training

Leading Breakthrough Sales Performance

Leading a sales team to success is no longer a hands-off, corner-office job. The new era of sales leadership is a high-touch, high-contact sport. In the new economy, an organization’s ability to grow, pivot and win is directly tied to the execution and impact of the sales leader.

Ryan explores key trends in customer transformation across industries and examines how category-leading companies are turning this evolution into opportunity. The training takes a progressive perspective on recruiting, training, performance management and technology with best practices from our research and customer portfolio. Ryan will share practical ideas on how to transform your sales force from order-takers into trusted, expert advisers prepared to win the most competitive sales engagements and drive exponential growth for the business.

The outcome of this training engagement will be sales leaders that are ready to recruit, manage and coach teams of sellers for breakthrough results.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the evolution of buying behavior and what’s now expected of sellers.
  • Learn how to create a culture of performance and accountability.
  • Discover progressive pre-call planning and post-call analysis techniques for the sales leader.
  • Study performance management best practices.
  • Learn how to recruit and manage for breakthrough performance.
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