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Resilient Leadership Workshop

Critical Skills for Improving Performance & Engagement

Resilience isn’t a static trait — it’s a skill set that can be learned, honed, and practiced every single day.

In this interactive, half-day workshop, Ryan Estis will share the seven principles to resilient leadership that he has developed navigating disruption as a small-business owner and Fortune 500 executive. This course isn’t just about theory, though. Ryan brings each principle alive with real-life case studies and practical exercises to help you put them into action right away.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with a framework and actionable insights to help you strengthen your personal resilience, as well as that of your team, setting your organization up for success in our next normal.

Topics will include

  • Developing your own personal leadership vision.
  • Elevating your own self-awareness to lead “from the inside out.”
  • Embracing the “beginner’s mindset” to commit to continuous reinvention.
  • Adopting new habits to support mindfulness.
  • Navigating change during periods of uncertainty and disruption.
  • Understanding the drivers of employee engagement.
  • Creating positive routines and rituals.
  • Understanding the keys to effective performance management.
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