Welcome to the Future of Selling: My New Ebook, Adapt & Thrive

Do you feel it? We’re competing in a marketplace that’s incredibly transparent, where sophisticated customers have unprecedented access to information.

We’ve all seen what happens: Mediocre salespeople quickly lose their grip and miss their targets. And yet, great salespeople are more relevant and valuable than ever before.

Success in the new economy is iterative, and you must be willing to adapt to thrive.

Welcome to the future of selling.

Are you ready?

I’m excited to announce that I teamed up with my long-time collaborator and friend, Don MacPherson, to write a new playbook for modern sales teams.

“Adapt & Thrive: How Sales Leaders Can Prepare to Win in a 2025 World” brings sales leaders fresh perspective on performance and engagement, plus firsthand insights from leaders at 10 best-in-class sales organizations, including the NBA, Citrix, Thomson Reuters and InterContinental Hotels Group.

We’re taking a hard look at the trends and technology that will change the way we find, interact with, and win customers.

  • The best salespeople have learned to embrace setbacks and change.
  • Collaboration is changing the old-school structure of sales teams.
  • Technological breakthroughs are empowering savvy salespeople to get closer to their customer than ever before.

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