The Over Promise

15 minutes early or 5 minutes late for the meeting?

Thoroughly prepared or learning on the fly?

A day before the deadline or two hours after it was promised?

10% below budget or the over run?

Exceeding expectations.  Always.

Or assigning blame.  “It’s not my fault!”

I see it everyday.  Often it is well intended.  In some instances it has seemingly become acceptable. Or at least quite common.

The over promise.

Unfortunately, it is also the kiss of death over time.

An A product with an F process grades you out as a C player.

Good habits are contagious.  Often the ability to design an extraordinary experience exists in attention to the tiny little details almost everyone can impact.  If we are paying attention. When we focus on consistency.

Deliver a little more than expected, a little earlier than expected, for a little less money.

You’ll be pleased with what happens next.

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