The Dynamic Duo Strikes Again – Best Friends at Work Part 2

Image of SuAnn and Roberta
SueAnn & Roberta: Continental Airlines Dynamic Duo

Over the holidays while traveling home from Minneapolis to Cleveland I had such an elevated airline/airport experience I shared the story here. The genesis of my Raving Fan customer service experience were SueAnn and Roberta who rocked the terminal with rock star service. I have seen them since the post. Doing what they do. Big hugs, genuine thanks, appreciation, respect and care are now part of my airport experience when traveling Continental.

Last week I received the following note from another Continental customer who reads the blog and also got to experience these two firsthand.  She writes:

We also had contact with “The Girls”. They are fantastic in how they deal with even the most irate customer. They were so helpful with us, we didnt notice that we sat at the gate for over an hour. What a great way to pass the time.   Thank you, Continental, for having them there for us.

Bravo!  I am not surprised.  These two are engaged, invested and inspired to serve and elevate the experience for any customer they contact.  So much so that this particular customer wanted to actually thank Continental.  When a customer says thank you a service provider is in a great place.

Now, this airline has an opportunity.  To recognize these two (a core driver of engagement).  To hold them up as an example.  To use these very experiences to reinforce the vision of what the customer experience should be all about.

You’ll get results around where you pay the most attention.  This is worth plenty and is exactly the kind of best practice example that an organization can use to communicate and better connect employees to a shared vision.

Inspired service and and an elevated experience make customers want more.   These Best Friends at Work deliver.

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