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During our Sales Shift Seminar yesterday we had a conversation about the characteristics of a Rock Star Seller.  You know the type…always makes plan…is a step ahead of the competition…builds deep and meaningful relationships….is an informed expert…puts in the time…listens and adds value…is constantly improving and competes to win…the total package.

You can see our list from yesterday’s session.  What is on your list?  Sales Leaders, what are you benchmarking against?

Something interesting landed at the very top of our list in yesterday’s session:

Switched On.

What does that really mean?  After a deeper dive discussion there was consensus that someone ‘Switched On‘ is both deeply engaged and fulfilled by what they are doing. Focused for sure…..Confident no doubt….Prepared, always.  And the output often looks effortless…because when someone is Switched On they are purposeful and passionate about the work. I’ve heard this referred to as “in the zone” or “flow”.  I am going with Switched On.

Are you Switched On everyday by 9 am?  Are you aligned, purposeful and passionate?

Important considerations…(hint: that place is where you will do your very best work).

I read a quote of the flight home last night in Minnesota Business from Bruce Lambrecht, “Find something you love to do and don’t look for immediate or short-term financial rewards.  Be passionate, persistent, work hard and understand the financial rewards will come later.”

Good advice.  Get Switched On..

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