Saying vs Doing

The Monday Morning Quarterback has a lot of competition.

Hiding behind the screen gives the critic confidence.  Jumping on the bandwagon is a popular pastime and criticism is becoming a very crowded place.  When the work is easy, anyone can do it.

This can make the heckler angry.  The critic doesn’t like to be irrelevant. So they yell a little louder to cut through the noise.  Shock effect that doesn’t have a shelf life.

The better alternative?

Go do something that matters.  Create, develop, deliver, serve, support, help, risk, learn, grow, add, adapt, adjust, evolve…do!

The world needs your gifts. Your contribution.  Your art.

There is plenty of important work to go around.

There will always be people with an opinion watching from the sidelines and waiting to offer up their criticism.

Those willing to challenge the status quo, serve as a catalyst for change and do something remarkable often face the harshest criticism.

They also make the most meaningful impact.

Seems like the kind of work worth doing.

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