Sales Performance

The Most Important Element of Sales: Preparation.

Most sales are closed before the meeting even starts.

Sounds crazy, right? Today, on average, 57% of a purchase decision is complete before a customer contacts a supplier. Customers research online and have a clear view of all of your competitors’ products and benefits. Customers don’t want to spend time discussing “what keeps them up at night” and are further into a decision around how to solve their biggest problems before you ever come into contact with them.

In this new era of hyper-informed customers, sellers have no option but to to radically change the sales strategy. As a salesperson, you need to meet customers where they are – which is much deeper into the decision cycle.

One way to boost your sales success: prepare, prepare, prepare. Follow a strict methodology when prepping for every engagement. Have a pre-call plan. Come to every meeting ready to provide new, relevant insight and impact decisions.

To understand why and how to prepare for a sales call, I’m including some tips in video form below.



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