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I live and love the iLife.  In making the transition from Blackberry I became an AT&T customer by default.

I have experienced dropped calls and hit dead zones over the last two years.  Just like I am sure everyone else on just about every other network has.  It certainly wasn’t enough of a disruption that moved me to explore other service providers.  However, had an alternative option been presented to me with incentive and ease of transition I certainly might have made the move.  I represent the vast majority of customers (yes, likely your customers and employees).  I was reasonably satisfied.  Not loyal.

That changed for me last week. AT&T has captured my heart and moved my spirit. I am now part of the Rethink Possible Tribe.

Why?  Simple. The human element. The essential, secret ingredient that can turn your customers into the most loyal, fanatical, brand evangelists on the planet. The essential, secret ingredient that can rock your workforce, elevate engagement, accelerate performance and turn culture into a competitive advantage.

It comes down to people and relationships.  Particularly people that are engaged and intuitive enough to create a compelling experience.

I spent an evening with AT&T last week.  I was hired to keynote a dinner event.  The people I met were special.  The way they treated me was extremely generous.  They were all Brand Ambassadors.  They were warm, welcoming, supportive, hospitable and extended themselves beyond measure to ensure I was able to succeed. It wasn’t necessary.  It was simply AT&T.

I know them now.  I like them now.  They have my support.  Any my business. I want to work with them again.  Whether I do or don’t doesn’t really matter.  This brand was humanized for me in a very positive and powerful way.  That drives loyalty.  It is that simple.

The people are the brand.

Often it isn’t what you do (plenty of other people/companies do what you do just as well as you do it and for just about the same price), but how you do it and who is doing it that makes the moment memorable enough to keep customers (and employees) coming back for more.

Put people first.

Performance and profitability are more likely to follow.

If your people strategy isn’t the #1 priority on the agenda today perhaps it is time to Rethink Possible?

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