How Sales Auditing Improves Results

As a sales leader, what are you inspecting?

Here’s a typical conversation after a sales call:

Sales Manager: “How’d it go?”

Sales Rep: “Great!”

Sales Manager: “Going to get good business out of this one?”

Sales Rep: “Definitely!”

…and then everyone moves on.

Sales leaders have an opportunity to develop and drive performance through a detailed post-call analysis audit. Better questions to consider after a sales call include:

  • What are the economic drivers that will influence the customer’s decision?
  • What commitment did you earn today? What are the agreed-upon next steps?
  • What went well? What would you have done differently? Where can we improve next time?
  • Who else could possibly impact the decision?
  • How are you going to add value after the call?

Add questions that are relevant to your unique situation, competitive landscape and sales cycle.

Make auditing a consistent practice and part of your sales culture. Ask harder, more detailed questions and guide reps through the importance of creating a detailed, specific sales road map and timeline post-call. Here’s how sales auditing improves results:

  • Helps sales reps understand how to structure more effective calls and invest more into pre-call planning.
  • Reinforces best practices and gain valuable insights to share with the team.
  • Creates consistent standards and expectations around a quality sales engagement.
  • Spends less time going forward time on low-yield opportunities.
  • Shortens the sales cycle.

Auditing and analyzing sales calls and then socializing the best practices and lessons learned is one of the best development opportunities inside a sales organization. Over time, it has a measurable impact on results. Your presentations

In this video, I talk through the importance and impact of consistent post-call analysis.

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