RockStar Selling: 5 Star Traits

Rock Star SellingWhat makes a salesperson a rock star?

If you look at an organization’s sales performance curve, rock stars make up the top 20% of producers. They perform in the top 20%, and they stay in the top 20%, consistently, regardless of the external factors. They deliver year after year.

The Sales Executive Council did a study of B2B and B2C sales producers over 18 months. The study examines what characteristics and behaviors define great sales performers. You can access more information about the study here.

Rock star selling: Sales performance curveOne of the common themes echoed again and again in the survey findings: the world is changing. The sales methodologies that were effective ten, or even five, years ago don’t prove nearly as effective today. Customers are more informed, have access to more information, and have different value drivers. Customers buy differently – and salespeople (even rock stars!) have to respond if they want to stay relevant and drive revenue.

Sometimes it’s a very fine line and the daily habits, that separate top producers from everyone else.

5 core competencies that should be part of every rock star performer’s DNA:

  1. They offer the customer a unique perspective. They have compelling insight that helps the customer improve their situation.
  2. They have strong 2-way communication skills. They come to a sales engagement with effective, open-ended questions prepared in advance. Top producers ask more questions and better questions. Then, they master the art of listening (and they spend more time listening to their customers than they spend talking).
  3. They clearly know the individual customer’s value drivers. And, they know that every customer is different.
  4. Because they are connecting with customers, they are comfortable and confident when discussing money – in terms of value to the customer, not in terms of discounts.
  5. They can effectively pressure the customer and earn a commitment.

We are approaching halftime in this fiscal year.  A great time to assess your sales performance and prepare for a strong second half of the year.

How are you pushing yourself and your team toward rock star performance and breakthrough numbers this year?

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