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Stand Up and Cheer!

Today’s post is dedicated to the Ohio University Bobcat basketball team.

My Alma Mater and the 2012 March Madness Cinderella fell just short in OT last night taking on on #1 seed and perennial powerhouse North Carolina.

OU was overwhelmed at the onset then settled in for a fight giving Roy and his team of future first round draft choices one big scare.

Ohio plays the underdog role well and has given all of the Bobcat faithful plenty of reason to Stand Up and Cheer!

Most of all I think that they have given us moments of pause and reflection back to our own time in Athens, OH.  Those precious and priceless memories of a few of the very best years of your life. Yes, we are proud of our tradition as “the best party school in the country.”  Yes, we are proud of the enduring friendships.  Yes, we are proud to have “survived” Athens with diploma in hand!

We are also proud as hell of shocking everyone into the Sweet 16 and battling UNC until the end!

Here are 16 Sweet Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ohio University!

Congratulations OU!  Proud to be a Bobcat.


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