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Sun. Good food. Better stories. Cold drinks. Friends. Family. Moments that matter. Memories that last.

Sounds like a good reunion. I am on my way to our family reunion now. Will be in C Town in a few hours and the festivities will begin. It has been too long.

Last weekend we did our brothers weekend/reunion. Great dinners. Better conversation. A little competition. Our weekend now known simply as ‘The Annual’.

Next week I’ll head to the beach for a few days with my best friend from college. A standing summertime tradition. Beach runs. Bikram Yoga. A little business.

I love a good reunion. They offer the opportunity to reflect, relax, reconnect and rejuvenate. They serve as a very real reminder of what is truly most important. The relationships that matter.

On the journey to where you are going it is always helpful to stop for a moment and remember where you’ve been. And embrace the people who have been with you from the start. That stand with you now. Every single step of the way.

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