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Mother’s Day Surprise

There is nothing quite like being there.  Present. There are certain times where being there can be the best present. So, after finishing up in Oklahoma Friday afternoon I caught a flight to Cleveland to surprise Mom. Surprise her we did.  An 11:00 p.m. delivery on Friday night caught on Flip by my sister who delivered me to the doorstep of the house we grew up in. Mom had been waiting. Waiting to hear about my speaking engagement Friday afternoon.  She was about to send me a note before going to bed because she hadn’t heard any update.  She keeps track.  She wants to know everything is well with her children.  That is my Mom. I think she enjoyed getting the update in person. Funny how sometimes the gift of giving ends up being a gift you also receive. That smile, hug and joy of being there was truly a gift for me.  A gift worth sharing.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Wishing everyone the gifts of love, joy and appreciation as we take a day to celebrate and honor the important people in our lives.

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