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Happy Birthday Mom

Dear Mom, I wanted you to know that I am thinking about you today.  I know you’ll be reading this.  Supporting me the way you always have.   Loving your family.  Putting other people first. On this special day I wanted to say thank you. For being my example. For always listening and letting me learn.  For your unconditional love.  For the long talks and life lessons.  For your warmth, kindness, compassion and generosity.  Foll all you have done.  For all you continue to do.  For your strength. I am grateful and so very proud to be your son. I know that my path in life wouldn’t be possible without you.  Without your guidance.  Without your inspiration.  Without your wisdom.  I had the gift of growing up with the best Teacher I have ever known.  I suppose every child you touched in the classroom shared that gift.  You helped us all become better people. I won’t ever take it for granted. I hope today finds you smiling in the sun.  Making art.  Feeling loved. Happy Birthday.

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